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Happy Gay Travel

London, England

Exclusively gay and gay group cruises, resort holidays and land tours to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Sitges, Ibiza, Mykonos and other gay holiday destinations

Zoom Vacations

Chicago, United States

Founded in 2003 as the gay equivalent to popular mainstream high-end tour companies, offering tours, yacht voyages and custom international event celebrations

Brand g Vacations

Minneapolis, United States

Specializing in LGBT small ship cruises and land tours to the lesser traveled corners of the globe

Coda International Tours Inc.

United States

A LGBT travel design company that caters to small group travel for people of like-minded interests or tailored adventures for those who prefer to go off on their own to explore


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sailing weeks for gay men of all ages around the Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Saint Martin and Saint Lucia during which guests can learn to sail or just relax

Teddy Travel

Cologne, Germany

A German tour operator established in 1983 organizing inbound travel for Cologne and Berlin and outbound travel to all gay resorts in Spain, Italy, Greece, United States and Australia

Diva Destinations


A UK-based, fully ATOL bonded LGBTQ travel company specializing in group holidays and cruises for the LGBTQ community

Outgoing Adventures

 An international tour operator specializing in small group tours for gay people-men and women-and their friends, to exotic destinations worldwide

Toto Tours

Chicago, United States

Provides small group adventure travel opportunities for gay men, lesbians, their close friends and adult family members to a wide range of destinations since 1990


Calgary, Canada

Multi-day group excursions in Costa Rica, Thailand, Greece, South Africa, Peru, Croatia and Spain that connect guys with like-minded people

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