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We need your help to support our community in Ukraine, at the borders and beyond - NO CONTRIBUTION IS TOO SMALL!

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The global LGBT calendar is chock full of annual prides, parades, festivals and of course parties, cruises, ski weeks, resorts and gay days for men. See what events are coming up, and mark your calendars.

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i love gay men hdennisk@aol.com

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On the road or sitting around at home and want to meet other women who love women? See where women stay, eat and play.

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Explore the top destinations, getaways and hotels in lesbian travel, whether flying solo or exploring with friends.

Connect with Community

Find out where other women are traveling and where they have been. Chat & meet locals at your next travel destination.

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Every year, lesbian events bring together and celebrate women all over the world. See what's happening and mark your calendars.

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