The Freedom Travellers

Victoria and Elaina quit their corporate jobs and set off to explore the world with a hunger for amazing adventures in 2014, working less and traveling more as digital nomads. They share these adventures and travel tips on their The Freedom Travellers blog.

2 Moms Travel

United States

Lara Dorman travels with her wife Deb and two children, avidly researching and planning her trips to maximize fun and credit card points. Through 2 Moms Travel and the Hilton Mom Voyage site, she shares her tips, tricks and experiences in traveling comfortably as a same-sex family.


Seattle, United States

Rob and Chris Taylor are two dads raising their two sons, traveling the globe and giving their kids a broad world view, teaching them the value of culture and education.

Lez Backpack

Austin, United States

Now based in Austin, Melissa Langley traveled the world for three years and launched her lesbian travel and lifestyle blog for women, hoping to encourage other female identified individuals to see the world or their own backyards with a sense of wellness.

That Gay Backpacker

London, England

David started his adventures on New Year's Eve 2012, leaving London for Bangkok and then relocating to Mexico. He has blogged his way through Cambodia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom and Vietnam, providing in-depth, first-hand and humorous coverage of what is gay.

Happy Camper Wives

United States

Valerie and Jessi are lesbian adventurers who roamed the United States in a t@b teardrop camper trailer, living minimally, meeting interesting people, and learning about the meaning of life before deciding to build a tiny house in Alaska. Their blog's subject matter might include anything from lesbians exploring Utah to how to bake a cake in a cast iron skillet. 

Bounding Over Our Steps

Tampa, United States

Ligeia and Mindy live in Tampa, Florida and launched their Bounding Over Our Steps blog in 2005. They met teaching English in Germany, married at Niagara Falls in 2006 and strive to be out and open during their vegan travels, recounting stories of adventures and sometimes misadventures throughout Asia, Europe and North America.

High Society Hobo

New York City, United States

Ben - who now balances a legal career and travel from his home in New York City - first left the United States in 2008, headed for Costa Rica and has lived in Buenos Aires, London, New York, Yangon and Mumbai, all recorded in his High Society Hobo blog. A self-described adventurer, risk-taker and foodie, he often travels off the beaten path to meet new people and experience a place from a local perspective.

A Lesbian Suitcase

United States

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Alli and Ausha work full-time jobs and are part-time travelers, sharing their adventures on A Lesbian Suitcase to make travel more accessible to the LGBTQ community through stories, videos, and reviews.

Leave Your Daily Hell

Robert Schrader launched his Leave Your Daily Hell travel blog in 2010 and chronicles his travels around the world to inform, inspire, entertain and empower travelers.

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