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These are the women that bring the party and will move you into a dancing frenzy. EDM fans will recognize many of these female DJs, whose names splash across the marquees of the biggest lesbian festivals and parties on the planet. Many have reached celebrity status on the club scene, with residencies at the hottest parties at home and appearances all over the world.

DJ Alyson Calagna

Miami, United States

The outernational DJ is the pioneer behind the sound of "Omtronica," mixing sexual, sensual and spiritual rhythms with tones of empowerment and ecstasy.

DJ Amanda Louise

DJ Amanda Louise spins an eclectic range of genres from soul to disco, classic house to deep house, tech house and techno. She has headlined and guest DJ-ed parties...

DJ Amber Valentine

New York City, United States

A Brooklyn-based indie rock DJ and co-host of the popular Misster and PAT parties


London, England

A London-based DJ with an eclectic taste in music, club nights in the indie and commercial pop scene and international gigs at parties and festivals all over the world

Dj Andre

San Francisco, United States

San Francisco native DJ Andre is a natural-born musician skilled at guitar, piano, drums, bass, clarinet, tenor saxophone, and singing. She is currently signed...

Dj Angie Vee

Los Angeles, United States

Angie has rocked Hollywood's hottest nights and has a vast celebrity following. Her style is Sky Is The Limit! She plays anything from Hip Hop, Rock, Electro, Top 40,...

DJ Anon

Los Angeles, United States

Anna Sitko a.k.a. DJ Anon is a Los Angeles-based DJ and producer who runs the popular Booby Trap! party. Her solo work, remixes and collaborations combine vintage and...

DJ Asha

London, England

ASHA is a versatile DJ-producer who regularly spins party anthems, hip hop, EDM, old school, reggae, RnB and Top 40 in London (her hometown), Australia, Croatia, Dubai,...

DJ Betty Ford


A Jungle and Drum & Bass DJ with a diverse style who organizes and promotes events on the underground and commercial rave scene in the UK, Europe and beyond

DJ Blues

Cologne, Germany

A Cologne nightlife institution with her own lounge and a regular on the festival scene, DJ Blues mixes pop, house, latin hip hop and all time hits.
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DJ Charo Velecio

New York City, United States

DJ/Producer Charo Velecio was born in Cuba known for her Palo, Santeria Chant with heavy percussion house music in NYC / Miami. Promoter of ACHE'/SAOCO/AZUCAR.

DJ Citizen Jane

Miami, United States

2014 and 2015 Pink Flamingo Awards winner for Favorite DJ, Citizen Jane started DJ-ing in the 90s and now plays to large crowds at some of the biggest parties and...

DJ Dawna Montell

Los Angeles, United States

Known best for her Sunday Fundays at The Abbey and after-hours at the Spike, DJ Dawna Montell has played all over the United States and countless circuit parties...

DJ Du Jour

Sydney, Australia

Australian-born Kat Nughes, better known as DJ Du Jour is well respected as a professional straight edge DJ who captivates crowds with an eclectic style from arena vocal...

DJ D_nise L'

Hamburg, Germany

DJ Hildegard

Hamburg, Germany

Originally from Cologne but a Hamburg transplant, this German DJ, producer and radio host has stayed true to vinyl, playing to crowds across Germany and Europe.

DJ Jane Dupree

Nashville, United States

Jane Dupree got her start in music playing the guitar in church and launched the "House Nation" mix radio show on WMTS in college. Since then, she has held residencies...

DJ Jasi

Zurich, Switzerland

DJ Kamikace

Vienna, Austria

Raised Vienna and Manila, DJ Kamikace (Katie Kace) is a DJ, lesbian activist and organizer of nearly all of Vienna's lesbian nightlife events including Las Chicas,...

DJ Kim Anh

Los Angeles, United States

Kim Anh is a DJ, producer, composer and L.A. club queen (of Booby Trap! party fame) who has performed alongside the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Sam Sparrow, Katy...

DJ Kittens

Los Angeles, United States

Kittens, also known as Lauren Abedini, is a L.A.-based DJ-producer and major influencer on the city's club scene, balancing low grinding electronic beats, heavy rap and...

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