Bubbly Bonfire New Years Eve Extravaganza!

Created by Pink Iceland

Dec 31, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Reykjavík, Iceland


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​Thousands of people attend community bonfires scattered throughout the different neighborhoods in Reykjavík and we'll join one or two of them before heading downtown for group dinner at one of Iceland's best restaurant: KOL. By the time we eat there it's been more than a year since we made the reservation. That's how popular it is! After dinner we walk across the street to Hallgrímskirkja church and enjoy the fireworks.
Let us get serious for a moment: The Hallgrímskirkja grounds at midnight is a truly exciting spectacle, but we'll have to be careful. Fireworks are exploding all over the place and sometimes on the ground. If fireworks in close proximity scare you this might not be the best place to be at midnight. If, however, they excite and delight you, as they do us, there is not better place to spend midnight in Iceland! If you want we have some fireworks on hand, ideal for those wanting to blow the old year to bits in a symbolic way.
After the fireworks, we head to the centrally located Pink Iceland officewith the Pink Iceland Team and their friends for a few drinks and mingling. You'll have access to a free self service bar as Pink Iceland guests. It's the perfect way to warm up for the dancefloor!
At around 1:30 am we'll head out to Kiki Queer Bar's New Years Eve Celebration. You'll be armed with a Pink Iceland Pass securing you free entry, queue jump and a free drink at the bar.

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