Queer Spirit Festival

Created by Queer Spirit

Jul 26 to 30, 2017

Thoulstone park, Chapmanslade, Wiltshire BA13 4AQ, United Kingdom


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Queer Spirit celebrated its first festival in 2016, bringing together queer spiritual groups and individuals to celebrate the passion, love and creative spirit of LGBTQI people in connection and with respect for the earth. The 5-day event includes ceremonies, rituals, workshops, discussions, yoga, tantra, shamanism, healing-spaces, drumming, dancing and more. There is camping for up to 500 people with cabaret tent, community village, arts, music, magic, chill zone, caf├ęs (vegetarian & vegan), stalls and sauna. Children are welcome under supervision, but pets are not.

Queer Spirit not only organizes the Queer Spirit Festival but is a group that provides ways for LGBT+ people to explore spirituality, healing and personal development, and that celebrates the creative and spiritual gifts that the queer tribes bring to humanity.


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