Queer Touch Ritual for Men

Created by Embodiment Arts Collective

Nov 18, 2016

Embodiment Arts Collective, 20th Street, San Francisco, CA, United States


  • For Men

An Evening of Erotic Touch in a MultiRacial Queer Community of Men
With TTBaum

This is an adults only, nude event.

You are invited to an evening of facilitated touch and pleasure exploration for all men - trans, cis, gay, bi, queer and questioning, grounded in consent and choice. We get to know each other, create a sacred container, do some short exercises, strengthen and identify our boundaries so we can relax, receive, and give. Bring an open mind, curiosity and playfulness!

We live in a racially diverse world & it is important to us that space dedicated to pleasure & erotic liberation reflect the ethnic & racial diversity of the world around us. We aim for a community of attendees that is at least 50% Black, Indigenous & other People of Color.

All bodies are welcome at Touch Rituals: fat bodies, cis bodies, thin bodies, old bodies, trans bodies, young bodies, differently abled bodies; bodies of any class, race, ethnicity, religion, spiritual tradition, sexual preference or orientation. While there's no way to guarantee that all bodies are represented that's certainly the intention; so if you have a problem with any of the types of bodies listed, this is not the space for you.

In order to keep the container for this event strong, please leave intoxicants at home.

Cost: $40 -

Doors open at 6:30PM, doors close at 7PM. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate late admittance.

Scent aware policy: We are asking people to refrain from scented products so that the event is accessible to more people. Incense and sage have been burned in the space.

Accessibility info: The space is on the 3rd floor; there are stairs and an elevator available. The elevator is not ADA compliant, it will accommodate most wheelchairs, and it is an older building so there is a little jerk at the end of the ride up. There are two stair steps into the building, but there will be a ramp available.


About your host:

TTBaum is a Sacred Intimate, Bondassage Expert, & Sex Educator based in San Francisco. He has been dubbed a pleasure activist and a warrior of love. TT's path to sexual awakening began over a decade ago, and his refined powerful style of erotic facilitation has been experienced by individuals and groups around the United States.

He integrates his own sexual research with teachings of his mentors (among them Joseph Kramer, PhD., Annie Sprinkle, PhD., Barbara Carellas, and Dr. Rudy Ballentine).

He is certified in the Kashmiri Shaivistic Tantra lineage and most recently received certification as a Bondassage Trainer and Practitioner.

The Embodiment Arts Collective is a group of sex-affirming wellness professionals dedicated to helping people live well in their bodies, relationships and sexuality, offering a variety of healing modalities in the heart of the Mission.