The Cabin Project Album Release Show w/Alexis Mahler

Created by The Old Church COncert Hall

Nov 18 at 8:00 pm

The Old Church Concert Hall, Southwest 11th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA


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The Cabin Project - a quartet of queer, all women and non-binary Portland-based musicians - is a musical hybrid of orchestral folk, rock, and indie. The band's sound stems from haunting choruses, three-part harmonies, pedals, synths and strings. Sonically expansive, but heartfelt and intimate, The Cabin Project has used the last 12 years of writing and performing together to hone a sound all their own.

The Cabin Project, a project of Katie Sawicki - former-folksinger from Brooklyn, gone electric, is now defined by musical partner Zanny Geffel, rooted in jazz and percussive inspired drums, Jean Mastaler on effect-layered electric violin and Kris Doty on reverent, counter-melodic bass. Collaborator Kelly Clifton recorded bass on this most recent project. Five studio records and hundreds of shows across the country later, the band knows how each other takes their coffee, the musical heroes that define each member's individual sound, and the daily surprises a collective voice can yield in rehearsals.

This next record is a set of two EPs entitled "What I Heard When I Listened | What I Said when I Spoke". It is more than a nod to the last two and a half years, but moreso a dive into transformation. At a time when many worlds were turned upside down, these albums narrate the reflection, revelations, joys and struggles of what grows from the opportunity to start again. The break from touring and playing live allowed the group an opportunity to reflect on our creative process as well the critical role of music and expression at this moment in time. The songs that emerged speak to a time of intensive listening and discovery. To help support this process, the band also ensured our communities were a part of each step of the process; the project was entirely written, recorded, mixed and mastered by queer, women, and/or non-binary artists. The Cabin Project will release "What I Heard When I Listened | What I Said When I Spoke" on November 18th at the Old Church in Portland, OR.