Viva La Vulva - Art Exhibition

Created by Debi Oulu

Nov 10 to 27

Mazal Arieh Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


  • For Women
  • Art

Viva La Vulva - Art Exhibition

An immersive art exhibition that is dedicated to the Vulva - viva la vulva!

Something very unique is happening in the small quite cobbled streets of old Jaffa. Among all the galleries and studios a pop-up exhibition dedicated solely to the female genitals has opened and something magical is happening there. The two artists Debi Oulu and Erez Gabay have changed the way people visit an exhibition. When you first arrive the first thing one notices is the outside with a plush red couch in an outside living room. Glasses of wine and chocolates in the shape of - you guessed it! Erez and Debi are there to great you and begin making you feel comfortable even before entering the exhibition - which no one is allowed to peek inside. Entrance is with their permission only (and a small entrance fee).

Once incise the visitors are immediately enthralled by the beauty and sounds and smells coming from the space. On the walls are beautifully curated pieces by Erez Gabay that make you want to reach out and touch them all (some you can with the artists permission). Debi and Erez will take turners telling thier stories of how and why they started creating vulva art and it is fascinating hearing what motivates a man and what motivates a woman.

After the tour the visitors are invited to stay and relax in thier outdoor salon which Debi likes to call שיחות מהפות. Every night the conversation differs but is never dull.

Dont miss out on this unusual experience. It is suitable for all ages and genders.

"₽ü$$¥ - New Collection"
Debi Oulu & Erez Gabay
November 1st - 27th
Lotan Gallery Mazal Arieh St 19 Tel Aviv-Yafo
Telephone: 0544633252 0508565317
Open Mon-Thurs 17:00 - 22:00 Fri 12-18:00 Sat 12-22:00
Entrance fee: 50 NIS (includes meeting the artists and a gift)
Instagram: @Piece_of_Vulva
Instagram & Facebook:: @DebiOulu