Whales & Sea of Cortez Adventure

Created by Olivia Travel

Feb 16 to 23, 2019


  • For Women
  • Cruise

Often referred to as Mexico's Galápagos, Baja has one of the richest populations of sea life in the world. In true expedition style, experience the luxury of a flexible itinerary on a very beautiful ship, complete with a hot tub, sauna and a masseuse! Not only is this the best time to view a variety of sea life in the Sea of Cortez, it is the BEST time to view gray whales and their babies; the whales have so much human curiosity and can come right up to the boats to be touched. With onboard naturalists to help us further learn about the wildlife, we will whale-watch, hike, swim, kayak, paddle board, snorkel with sea lions, and bird-watch. On past Olivia trips, we have seen over 50 whales-including blue, the largest mammal in the world; humpback; pilot; sperm; and others-and several schools of dolphins numbering from 500-2,000 in each pod!

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