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Tel Aviv is a truly modern city with a vibrant secular culture, a slew of top-notch museums, a bustling financial sector and such a high percentage of high-tech companies that its coastal area is nicknamed the Silicon Wadi. Especially popular among young travelers, it's the second-most visited city in Israel after Jerusalem and maintains a booming tourist industry. All of this comes as no surprise when you consider the miles of pristine beaches, the hot restaurant scene and a buzzing 24-hour nightlife, though visitors should of course be aware of occasional security concerns.

Israel as a whole is extremely LGBTQ-friendly - gays, lesbians, and transgender people serve openly in the military, and a recent poll shows that 70% of Israelis support equality for the gay community - so it's not surprising that Tel Aviv has become the gay capital of the Middle East and is consistently rated one of the best cities in the world for LGBT citizens. Pride Week is a high point in the yearly event calendar, attracting more than 30,000 tourists from all over the globe, but there are gay-centric events the year-round, including a world-class film festival.

A beach town at heart, Tel Aviv also has miles of pristine seafront, divided into sections, each with its own identity - from gay-party-central Hilton Beach to wild and remote Alma Beach. The weather is temperate and sunny year-round, which means the tourism industry here is thriving, and an efficient infrastructure is in place to support the millions of visitors the city receives each year. An added bonus? The people of Tel Aviv are notoriously beautiful, so if you needed one more reason to visit, you've got it.

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One of thee most diverse cities I've ever encountered. You can feel free to walk around in your own skin. People here are extremely in honest in their opinions and are not scared to ask questions personal or otherwise. The locals are very warm in conversation and very helpful. Customer service is kind of lacking and so is common courtesy. Reading body language is also not their strong suit