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2 community reviews / Montego Bay

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TheTravelHippie has been to and reviewed Montego Bay

Added 5 years ago

Been to Jamaica at least 13 times, I love the island, and generally the people are friendly, loving, laid back, and accommodating. It is beautiful, the food is amazing, beaches are spectacular. Inside a resort as a LGBT person you have no worries. I have never experienced an issue. No discrimination. No threats. I would not be comfortable traveling alone, or being "out" among strangers. It is well known that the island has a reputation for renowned homophobia. It has improved greatly over the past several years for tourists, however Jamaican LGBT citizens still struggle. I believe in #OneLove and hope soon there will be no worries for all who live there.

Kenny1616 has been to and rated Montego Bay

Added 5 years ago