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4 community reviews / Prague

General impression
Kárhol Del Río has been to and reviewed Prague

Added 4 years ago

one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen.

MissBrenny Walker has been to and reviewed Prague

Added 5 years ago

so beautiful place historical

mafe infante has been to and reviewed Prague

Added 6 years ago

If I could live there I would hahaha its a unique place.

Morné Bezuidenhout has been to and reviewed Prague

Added 6 years ago

Prague is a beautiful city. I was constantly in awe with the architecture, yet saddened by the beautiful but derelict and abandoned buildings. The transport system was flawless and reasonably easy to navigate. It was a bit of a struggle finding an open or available gay bar since the scene seemed very small and places mentioned in travel guides were no longer open. When I found a bar eventually, there were quite a few young guys, looking out to entertain (or hustle) me and to look after the foreigner with his foreign currency. Topics of discussion or conversations were usually started by enquiries regarding my employment and status at the company etc. As for the sights, the castle is beautiful, the christmas markets were disappointing though. One would have expected more traditional and hand-crafted wares as opposed to more of the same, commercially produced nick nacks and mementos.