Be welcome

Denmark may be the smallest country in Scandinavia but it has a mighty history that spans centuries, from fierce Vikings to the parliamentary democracy of today. At one time it ruled over all of Norway and part of Sweden - this former life as a Nordic superpower has shaped much of the national identity, and the Danes are a proud and patriotic people.

The waters that surround the region have also had a strong influence, not least the economic might coming from the North Sea oil fields, which have made Denmark extremely wealthy, with low rates of unemployment and one of the smallest gaps between rich and poor of any country in the world. This wealth may be part of the reason why Denmark has consistently placed at the top of the list on the global happiness index, which notes that Danes work less, spend more time with their families, and get out in the fresh air more than their counterparts in other nations.

As the only Scandinavian state physically connected to the European mainland, it acts as a link with the continent, and has a culture that blends the liberal benefits of Nordic life with the artistic sensibilities of Europe. Like their country, the people of Denmark have near-universal appeal; charming, generous, warm-hearted, and lovers of a good time, they are a welcoming group, and LGBT travelers will feel very comfortable here.

Denmark was the first country to recognize same-sex partnerships, and plays host to a number of popular LGBT events including Copenhagen Pride and an annual LGBT film festival; in 2009, the country hosted the gay and lesbian sporting event Outgames, and continues to be a vocal promoter of gay culture.