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Why you should go to Brighton !

The seaside resort of Brighton is known as the gay capital of the UK with a large LGBTQ population and a hip cultural, entertainment, culinary and arts scene that draws nearly 9 million visitors a year.

Located in East Sussex just 47 miles (76 km) as the crow flies from London, it makes for a nice day trip from the capital but is a destination of its own. A marked bohemian vibe is fed by sustainable business, green politics, small batch breweries, lively clubs and eclectic boutique hotels, tucked nicely along the seafront, in alley mazes and behind Regency facades.

The town's history dates to the Bronze Age, but its popularity arose during the Georgian Era, when it served as a playground and home for a young George IV, then Prince of Wales, who had the Royal Pavilion built in a striking Indo-Saracenic style. The Victorian Era saw the arrival of the pleasure piers, although only the Brighton Palace Pier remains today as the queen of all piers and a fun fair for all ages. In 2001, Brighton joined the village of Hove and was granted city status by Queen Elizabeth II to become Brighton & Hove.

One of the city's most popular events is Pride Weekend in August, the biggest pride in the UK with close to 300,000 visitors to a main festival in Preston Park, filled with clubbing tents and open day and night, as well as the Pride Village Party in Kemptown, the Arts and Film festival and a Pride Dog Show.

Coach it

Coaches are by far the cheapest way to travel to and from Brighton. Ridiculously cheap fares are available if you book...

Bargain Hunter

The Sea Life Brighton offers incredible fees if visitors reserve in advance through the website, perfect for families. The...

Never too early to plan

Planning your trip well in advance can only benefit your stay in Brighton. The best restaurants in town are booked up...

General impression
The Tie Dyke has been to and reviewed Brighton

Added 3 years ago

I would totally go back there, awesome town and just as gay as can be! We got off the train and headed for the info booth, staffed by a total butch who was helping the pretty gent in a fabulous gown and heels. We missed their Pride by a week, I can only imagine....
I absolutely recommend Bow Street Runner Pub, the owner is awesome and the regulars treated us like family.
IMPORTANT - one thing to avoid in Brighton is the XXX Burger at Burger Off, trust me, if you have to sign a waiver - don't eat it, my new motto til death do I part. I had 1 bite and 2 nibbles and thought I was gonna die, and I loves me some hot stuff, their special sauce is the active ingredient in Police Pepper Spray, but they don't tell you that.... my cougar had a regular burger and said it was the best one she ever had, so have that! It's just a few doors down from the pub.
if you are a dog lover this is the town for you, if you are a smoker these are your people, but read up on the cig laws before you go.
If I manage to set foot in England again this is the first place I'm heading, and staying longer this time!
For a complete blog of our England trip go to thetiedyke.com and check out the Funny Broad Abroad blog.

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a fantastic venue did not want to leave evry were and every one most accepting aand non judgemental

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