Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

  • Natural Attraction
  • Walking
  • 5-7 hours
  • Any time

On the coast of East Sussex, Seven Sisters is a country park with idyllic rolling hills, chalk cliffs, rivers and wildlife. There are marked bike trails through the Friston Forest for more experienced cyclists, and walkers and hikers can follow a number of foot paths, including a lovely beach trail. Don't miss a tour of the Seven Sisters Sheep Center, a working farm with over 50 breeds of sheep near East Dean.

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Seven Sisters Country Park, Seaford, United Kingdom

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Catch the #12 to West Dean and have a nosh and a good pee at the visitors centre before starting the 1.5 mile walk to Seven Sisters.
It's not a difficult walk, just takes a while to get to the coast what with stopping to catch the views and all. There you are met by spectacular beauty of those white cliffs descending to the water below. There are a few different routes to choose from,...