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Stop and Smell the Roses

Recommended for : Business
It's your first sunrise at Lux Eleven and you fry some eggs and wurst in the room's kitchenette (you got in early enough the previous day to grab some groceries at Penny) before going for an early morning walk down Münzstraße.
Gather your thoughts for the morning meeting at Father Carpenter, or look over the financial section in the complimentary paper provided by the hotel. Since most of your business will not take you far outside Mitte, you'll probably want to board the nearest S-Bahn to take you where you need to go.
Because your meetings were booked back-to-back, you figured you wouldn't have much of a lunch break, so on the way out you grabbed a burrito at Delores, which is less than a block away from the hotel. But you end up with more time than you thought and you get a chance to enjoy the burrito along the Spree in Monbijoupark.
After a whole day spent in one conference room after the next, you deserve a drink: luckily you have no meetings until the afternoon the following day, so you can enjoy a proper night out on the town.
Excitedly, you remember that it is Thursday, which means the Neues Museum is open until 8 pm, and you manage an hour and a half among the impressive archaeological spoils, even getting a look at Nefertiti's bust and seeing some of the earliest examples of balanced ledger-sheets in the papyrus collection next door. 
Thinking about how you will work that into a joke in your presentation tomorrow, you ride the U-Bahn to Kotbusser Tor and grab a drink at Möbel Offe.
There, a crowd of other travelers convince you to go with them to Roses and before you know it you end up surrounded by shirtless hunks at Chantal's House of Shame, but you think better of a third drink and head back to Mitte around 1 am on one of the last trains.
Perhaps you can spend the following morning preparing for your presentation at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, and then once you're free, fit in a trip to the Brandenburg gate and Tiergarten before your flight out.