From Kölsch Crawl to Green-Komm

Recommended for : Party

Get a bunk at one of the DJH Youth Hostels and read up on what parties are going on the week you're in town. If your visit falls during Karneval, be sure to make a quick trip to Deiters to get a costume for the event.

Enjoy a leisurely lunch among the city's hippest at Salon Schmitz, and why not go ahead and have your first cocktail of the day. Mellow out on a walk to the Dom, which is a must-see even for party-goers like yourself.


Begin your Kölsch crawl at around 9 pm, going from bar to bar in the Belgisches Viertel: perhaps first Grünfeld, then Goldener Schüß, and finally Sixpack, which by this time should be popping.


After loosening up, head directly to Shaafenstraße. Check your coat and other belongings at the street-wide coatcheck in the stairwell by Ex-Corner and spend the evening trying each bar on for size.


Hardcore partiers will know to time their visit for the first Sunday of the month to catch Green-Komm after hours, which will take you from the Bermuda Triangle to Nachtflug - close enough to reach by foot - for a 6 am party start time.


After dancing all day in the rolling fog and dizzying lights, head back to the hostel and crash until it's time to kick off the festivities again.