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Tourists can save time and money with a Hamburg card, available at Hamburg Tourist Information Offices, some hotels and ticket vending machines. It covers bus, urban rail and harbor ferry with discounts at popular attractions.

Major international rental agencies have offices at the airport and at locations around town. Rental desks are the airport are open from 6 or 7 am to around midnight, depending on agency.

The city is cycle-friendly with broad boulevards, bike lanes and parks. Its public bike system - StadtRAD Hamburg - has around 80 stations where you can pick up a bike, returning it there or at another station. The first 30 minutes are free. After that, it's 6 cents a minute, payable by credit or bank card or a key fob customer card you can order online.

HVV, Hamburg's public transportation network, combines rapid transit rail, buses and regional rail and links with harbor ferry services. It has four U-Bahn underground lines (elevated in some places), 6 S-Bahn suburban routes and nine regional rail services. The most important rapid transit trains run all night on weekends and holidays. The S-Bahn S-1 commuter train connects the airport to downtown, a ride of about 30 minutes.

Linked to the urban rail system, Hamburg's extensive network of buses offers a range of services, including metro (direct and frequent), express (more comfortable) and regional buses connecting neighboring towns. Daily and weekly passes are available.

With fares fixed by law, taxis are pale yellow with a "taxi" sign on top, lit when available. You can hail them or phone or arrange by app for pickup. A taxi from the airport to the main railway station will cost around 30 Euros for the 12 kilometers (7 mi). Uber recently pulled out of Hamburg because of licensing regulations.