Why you should go to Munich !

The capital of Bavaria, Munich is a prim showcase of high style and old-European charm balanced with a technological edge and economic prosperity that make this southeastern German city one of the world's most livable.

Known for its beautiful architecture, proud cultural heritage, soccer team, modern infrastructure, beer, industry and academic culture, this once medieval city sits on the River Isar about 50 miles (80 km) north of the Bavarian Alps. At its historic center is the Altstadt, the old city, replete with gothic churches, former royal residences, a stunning opera house and the iconic Hofbräuhaus am Platzl beer hall, a prime attraction during one of Germany's biggest Oktoberfest celebrations.

And, beyond the old fortress walls, the city is exceedingly navigable with plenty to explore. A ritzy university and arts district is home to world-class schools and museums, a legacy of 19th century kings who established Munich as a center of arts and sciences. To the northeast of the city center is the English Garden, larger than New York City's Central Park and a stunning urban green area. Although increasingly trendy, to the southeast is Glockenbachviertel (GBV), the traditionally gay neighborhood with Gärtnerplatz square at its center, surrounded by boutiques, cafés and bars. Look to Müllerstrasse for a good selection of LGBTQ nightlife.

This open-minded city, which has had its own Rosa Liste gay rights party since 1996, also delivers well on big gay holidays including massive Christopher Street Day Pride in July, a gay and fetish meeting during Stark-Bier-Fest, the Pink Christmas market and gay Sunday at Oktoberfest, among others.

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Munich is a charming city, with a big scene, but I don't find it as Gay Friendly as Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg.
There is a lot to see and do though. And there is a Gay Beer Tent during Oktoberfest, which is also worth to check out, if you're there at the time.

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I worked 3 months in Munich and I had the chance to explore the nightlife as well.
Bavaria is a little bit more conservative than other parts of Germany, but Munich is great. BUT expensive:D:D

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Love german guys... also food and beer in Munich

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Getting around

The best way to get around Munich is perhaps on two wheels as the city is exceedingly bike-friendly. Alternatively, a well-connected subway system not only makes it both easy to get around the city and venture out to the countryside nearby.

A rental car is a bit overkill in a city as bike-friendly and subway-heavy as Munich. Parking places are scarce in the city, but a car hire may be a good idea to reach more remote destinations outside the city.

Munich is truly a bike city with elevated and smoothly paved lanes well outside the flow of traffic. The city itself is also a manageable size, so it doesn't take long to get from point A to point B. Look for an affordable bike rental, which you will likely find by calling Call a bike from stations throughout the city. Just be careful during the icy winters.

Munich has the highest concentration of subway stops in any German metropolis, which means that the entire city is well connected to public transportation and nowhere too far from a subway stop. A week-long IsarCard is the most cost-saving option.

There are bus stops throughout the city, although the subway provides sufficient connections to the main sights. After the trains have stopped running, however, look for the night bus stops, marked by a winking owl. To be safe, you may want to confirm the timetables before heading out into the wee hours.

Taxis are available throughout the city, and Uber drivers are as plentiful ever. Taxi companies are regulated across the board by a central government agency, which means it's best to call the Taxizentrale at +498921610.