Faneromeni Beach

Faneromeni Beach

  • Mostly hetero
  • Nude beach
  • Little Infrastructure
  • Water fun
  • Excursions
  • Water sport & adventure

Just under an hour north from Skala Eressos is Fanoremeni beach, an untamed stretch of sand with high winds and few people. The waves are usually big enough for body-surfing, and while not officially a nude beach, swimsuits tend to be optional here. It's anchored by a large rock that some brave souls choose to dive from, but for the meek it also makes an excellent place to take photographs. Bear in mind that there's only one café here, and it's not always open, so be prepared to pack a lunch.

Faneromeni Beach Lesvos, Eresos Antissa, Lesbos Prefecture, Greece

Cavo Doro
3.2 km
Cavo Doro

  • Seafood
  • Local Cuisine