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On Two Wheels

For a good location at a reasonable price, stay at the My Home hotel on the busy Haaremmerstraat shopping street in the Jordaan neighborhood, one of the more popular areas of the city, west of Centraal Station between between Prisengracht and the Leidsegracht. Make sure to fill up on the basic breakfast at the hotel before setting off for the long day ahead.

Frederic Rent-a-Bike is only 2 minutes walk on Brouwersstraat. The bikes here are excellent as well as incognito, meaning that they don't have any logos or advertising on them, different to most other rental places no deposit is needed, just bring your ID or passport. As an an integral part of life in Amsterdam and there is no other way to travel as cheap and fast in this tightly packed city than by bike.

After choosing your bike, pedal towards the Albert Cuyp Market. It will take you just under 10 minutes from Workcycles on Lijnbaansgracht, on a very scenic ride along the charming Prisengracht canal for most of it.
At the Albert Cuyp, experience the real Amsterdam at the city's largest street market. Fabrics, socks, cheese and bike locks are all on offer as well as herring sandwiches if you're ready for an authentic lunch or fancy a quick snack.
After trawling the market like a local, get back on your bike for a two-minute ride to the Heineken Experience for a tour of the original Dutch brewery, but book in advance to avoid long queues at the door. The interactive tour will take you through the brewery's history, production process and the grand finally is a perfect pint in the tasting room. 
Keep in mind that if you are a too tipsy to get back on your bike should you opt for more than the taster's pint, Amsterdam is famous for fining and punishing drunken bike riders with a suspension of your driver's license, so consider your options very carefully.
If you decided against the second pint, cycle five minutes into the canal ring towards Singel and it will take you to Bloemenmarkt, the beautiful flower market. The dramatic canal backdrop is perfect for an afternoon stroll amidst tulips, daffodils, roses and lilies. A bouquet will cost a good €10 but sniffing the flowers is always free. 
Another 5 minutes on your bike will take you to Begijnhof, a secret courtyard behind a humble wooden door right in the city center. The hidden church dates back to 1150 and is surrounded by 14th century houses and gardens. Today it serves as a religious retreat, an oasis of tranquility in the busy Burgwallen Nieuwe Zijde street. 
Before hitting town for dinner and the night ahead, cycle 8 minutes back to the hotel to freshen up a bit after a long day on the bike. 
For dinner, try the Seafood Tagine, Oysters in Champagne Dressing or Fillet a la Marrakech at Bo Cinq on the Prinsengracht Enjoy a cocktail in the bar, another smoking-friendly venue of Amsterdam, open until 3 am weekends. Booking in advance is highly recommended here as well.