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Why you should go to Ibiza !

Off the coast of Spain is the cool Balearic island of Ibiza known world-wide as a holy ground for party goers that descend on the pine-covered isle every summer.

The history and identity of the "White Island" date back thousands of years, when the Phoenicians founded Ibiza Town in 654 BC. Under the Carthaginians, it developed into an important trading center before it was conquered by the Romans, then Byzantines, Moors and Catalans. In the 15th century, Nostradamus predicted that Ibiza would be the Earth's final refuge.

By the 1930s, it had become a destination for international writers and artists, remaining at the center of a rich bohemian scene and sexual freedom well through the the 1960s and 1970s, which saw the arrival of mass tourism and the opening of legendary super clubs like Pacha and Amnesia. Today, electronic music DJs reign supreme after sunset and celebrities abound.

Visitors are also drawn to Ibiza's stunning coastline of white sand and turquoise water, beautiful old town with its 13th century cathedral, stylish hotels and resorts, a breezy signature fashion, jaw-dropping sunsets, fine Mediterranean cuisine and an incredibly tolerant island culture.

Extremely friendly and integrated, the island is a major LGBTQ summer destination with plenty of dedicated gay bars, festivals and club nights including the long running La Troya party at Space, the wild Velvet Ibiza woman-only weekend and the annual Ibiza Pride that transforms Ibiza from party island into gay party island.

Spend less, enjoy more

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Club tickets

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Run down and dirty. Full of Euro-trash Russians and straights. The music is very "David Guetta" style...boring. The hot sounds from Berlin and underground gay clubs is not there.

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Michael Ibiza

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Great eiland Im going back for sure

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