Why you should go to Ibiza !

Off the coast of Spain is the cool Balearic island of Ibiza known world-wide as a holy ground for party goers that descend on the pine-covered isle every summer.

The history and identity of the "White Island" date back thousands of years, when the Phoenicians founded Ibiza Town in 654 BC. Under the Carthaginians, it developed into an important trading center before it was conquered by the Romans, then Byzantines, Moors and Catalans. In the 15th century, Nostradamus predicted that Ibiza would be the Earth's final refuge.

By the 1930s, it had become a destination for international writers and artists, remaining at the center of a rich bohemian scene and sexual freedom well through the the 1960s and 1970s, which saw the arrival of mass tourism and the opening of legendary super clubs like Pacha and Amnesia. Today, electronic music DJs reign supreme after sunset and celebrities abound.

Visitors are also drawn to Ibiza's stunning coastline of white sand and turquoise water, beautiful old town with its 13th century cathedral, stylish hotels and resorts, a breezy signature fashion, jaw-dropping sunsets, fine Mediterranean cuisine and an incredibly tolerant island culture.

Extremely friendly and integrated, the island is a major LGBTQ summer destination with plenty of dedicated gay bars, festivals and club nights including the long running La Troya party at Space, the wild Velvet Ibiza woman-only weekend and the annual Ibiza Pride that transforms Ibiza from party island into gay party island.

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Ibiza around the bay is a good place to be

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Ibiza has always drawn the LGBTQ crowd and still remains to do so. It's a place where flamboyancy is encouraged and respected. It is paradise for gay people. The peak season is from mid June to mid September and it's expensive during these months but the weather is great almost all year round, and bargains can be picked up in off peak season and also sometimes in June and September. Ibiza is much more than a party island, Ibiza is a state of being.

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At the time, taking my mom to Ibiza for her 50th birthday seemed like a good idea. On reflection...

Ibiza is the ultimate party island. Whether you're there to do the club circuit and lose two weeks of your life only to be reminded of it by discovering a poorly consider tattoo, or to bar hop and sleep with an many of the locals as is humanly possible, one thins is for sure...you shouldn't take your parents.

OK, so there's a quaint side to the island as well, the old town is beautiful, and there's loads to do beside clubs, pubs and parties. But when your peers are pouring out of Pacha, Amneisa, Space or any of the other world-renowned hot spots at 4am, do you really want to be tucked up in bed or sipping sangria on the balcony while the 'rents snore it off in the next room?

The scene in Ibiza is rampant, second only to the likes of Gran Canaria, Sitges and - on occassion - Brighton. Predominantly a younger crowd, the vibe is always electric during the season, with lots of nice little spots dotted about the island that boast a more chilled vibe as they play host to smaller parties and sea-front siestas.

The food is a mix of local dishes and he usual steak and chips. there's something for every budget, and it's easy to find what you want, either by exploring and stumbling across places randomly, or picking up a good gay guide before you go.

For me, accommodation plays an important part of any holiday. In Ibiza you can get it right or spectacularly wrong. Now however, with the sites like MisterB, you can find gay hosts and gay-friendly accommodation if you want to shack up with a hot local, or you can simply search 'Gay Ibiza' to bring up a raft of gay friendly resorts, hotels and apartments online.

Suffice to say, if you are going there to party, you should check out club websites to find out when the parties start - although it's the closing parties that draw the biggest crowds.

There's rarely trouble, even the police stay keep their distance, but it can kick off if you wander into straights-ville after the crowd have spent the last several hours downing Stella, so stay alert.

Don't be foolish enough to think you won't get into trouble if you get caught humping pocket-fulls of party powder around with you either. Clubs are strict, so be discreet if that's your thing.

Stay clear of package deals too. They'll bundle together a second rate hotel, unsociable flight times and you won't have the freedom to come and go as you please if you're always worried about making it down for breakfast or cutting the party short to make it it time for dinner.

Last time I went I packed an overnight bag. There's little point in packing when you spend all day in swim shorts and you can buy cheap, disposable clothing that will get trashed in the clubs, on any street market. So save your expensive threads from destruction and leave them at home - the clubs can get wild!

You can do Ibiza on a budget if you shop around, though the gay holiday sites will be more expensive than, say booking.com or MisterB.