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About five times the size of Mykonos or one sixth the size of neighbouring Majorca, Ibiza is a medium-size Mediterranean island. A car or some kind of wheeled vehicle is by far the best bet for those exploring the coast, the towns as well as getting to and from the clubs with a responsible driver. Rental cars are very reasonable and a great number of companies at the airport make the process fairly straight forward. A more romantic way to get by is a scooter or quad bike rental, which can be found on almost corner or at the hotel's front desk. Public transportation is restricted to local, fairly reliable bus network and taxis, and the ever popular Uber is about to be launched. Party buses run all night, every night in the high season from May until September. Regular boat shuttles are inexpensive and connect Ibiza town to a few destinations nearby in the summer. Ask for a local boat service at the hotels or at the nearest pier.

The island has an abundance of rental companies with wide range of cars, from the smallest of super-mini vehicles to big, flashy convertibles and SUVs. At the airport, all major players offer their services even before you leave the baggage claim hall and rental offices are easily found in town, making for competitive pricing. You will be charged for a full tank of gas so you can return it without a last minute tank up. A car makes it easier to get around the island, but do consider hiring a car service when out clubbing.

Motorbikes yes, pedal bikes no. Cycling around Ibiza in the summer is a task which should only be attempted by the semi-professional to professional. The towns are customarily crowded with cars and wild pedestrians, and the main resorts are usually connected by highways. Beaches typically don't have boardwalks, and even the fittest of cyclists will find it nearly impossible to make it up the steep hills in the old town.

An extensive and regular passenger bus network connects the major resorts and beaches and runs from 7 am until 10 pm. A disco bus starts from midnight and runs all night until 6 am from the major out-of-town super clubs to the nearby towns - recommended as an inexpensive option, particularly if all of the drivers in your party joins in on the hard partying.

Taxis are costly during the peak months and normally in very high demand before and after the parties. A meter should be on, and the bill manageable if shared my three or four passengers. Cabs may be flagged down when the green light is showing, but be aware of drivers who provide you with a flat rate instead of the metered rate. Uber has had a troubled start in Spain but is expected to launch a club drop off and pick up service.