Casa Efigenia (Restaurante la Montaña)

Casa Efigenia (Restaurante la Mo...

Las Hayas
  • Family style
  • Local Cuisine

Hike or drive to Casa Efigenia for the view and for a home-grown, home-cooked vegetarian meal La Gomera style. The daily offering - a set menu of around 10 Euros - is served at a long communal tables where you can strike up conversations in any number of languages. Traditional dishes like Almogrote (crumbled aged goats cheese with a garlic and oil sauce) and puchero (a vegetable stew) are featured. For dessert, there's leche asada (canarian creme caramel) topped with local palm honey and the proprietress's own orange liqueur. You can buy some of the local products as souvenirs or stay the night in one of the manor house's rooms.

Restaurante la Montaña, Las Hayas, Spain

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2.8 km

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