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The closest airport is Barcelona some 12 miles (20 km) to the north. A Sitges-bound bus stops at the airport twice an hour during the day. Traveling by rail requires taking the airport train from Terminal 2 to El Prat de Llobregat (first stop) where you can transfer to a Sitges train. Taxis and car rentals are also available at the airport.

While tourists coming by air may prefer to rent automobiles at the Barcelona Airport, cars can also be rented in Sitges through a local agency or Oder (formerly Avis), both in the center of the city.

Bicycles can be rented and are sometimes provided by hotels. The village has several bicycle paths, painted red, and parking areas for bicycles. Bikes chained to railings, lampposts or other structures risk a fine and being towed.

In Barcelona, the MonBus daytime buses to Sitges leave from the Plaza Espanya and Ronda Universitat and make a stop at the Barcelona Airport on the way. Buses run twice an hour Monday through Friday, hourly on Saturdays and nine times on Sundays holidays. The journey takes less than an hour but longer with weekend traffic. At night, the company's buses are labeled by number (N30, N31 or N32) and leave from Plaza Catalunya four times an hour between 12:55 and 4:50 am, going directly to Sitges in about 35 minutes. Tickets are sold on the buses for €4. Three village bus routes connect neighborhoods around town, all three leaving from the train station.

Sitges has two taxi companies. Cabs can be hailed on the street, called for pickup or engaged at the train station or in front of the tourist office. Some taxis take credit cards, but check before you get in.