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Bern is served by an airport in Belp, about six miles (9 km) southeast of town with vacation charters and SkyWork flights to a number of European cities. It has high-speed train connections to Paris, Berlin and Milan and is the hub for train travel around Switzerland with local and regional networks. Walking is the most convenient way to get around the historic city even in inclement weather, because it has almost four miles (6 km) of covered arcades called "Lauben." Public transportation is efficient with short wait times and - better yet - it's free for tourists with a Bern Ticket which can be obtained with a reservation confirmation from your hotel or hostel. It covers zones 100/101, the Marzilib√§hnli and Gurtenbahn funicular railways, the train station and airport.

International and local car rental agencies have offices at the airport and around town if you want to head to the countryside, but it is unlikely you will need a car during your stay in the city itself. The local public transportation system is extensive, plus much of the historic town center is inaccessible to most vehicular traffic.

Bern Rollt is a "free" bicycle rental service that can also supply children's bikes, e-bikes, scooters and skate boards. Just present a valid ID and a deposit of CHF 20 at one of three pickup spots, one near the train station. The first four hours are free (first two for e-bikes), then it's CHF 1 for each additional hour.

Buses and trams. Bernmobile Unlimited day ticket about 12 SF but hotel guests get a free Bern Ticket for transportation, which covers the city as well as Bern Airport and funiculars.

Taxis are available in Berne, but Uber isn't and likely won't be because what draws visitors to Bern is the medieval city, much of which is inaccessible to convenient vehicles. Public transportation is generally a better choice in terms of both time and money.