Jones Pond Campground

Jones Pond Campground & RV Park

Jones Pond Campground & RV Park

Camping in Angelica, New York
  • Camping
  • For Men
  • LGBT owned/managed

The Jones Pond Campground, named after a three-acre pond dug back in 1885, has a rich history as a 19th century farm, a mid-century campground with Sunday services by the creek and finally - since the early 1990s - a men-only retreat run by a series of gay owners, including Canadians. In addition to campfires, a swimming pool and 100+ acres (over 40 ha) of nature, Jones Pond offers regular themed weekends such as a Jones Pond Pride each June and cowboy weekends with line dancing. Clothing is optional in designated areas. A wide variety of camping styles includes log cabins, a bunkhouse and pet-friendly cabins. Located in western New York State about 75 miles (c. 120 km) southeast of Buffalo, it draws all ages and is seasonal.

Swimming pool
Hot tub

9835 Old State Road, Angelica, NY, United States

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