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From cosmopolitan cities and 5-star beach resorts to ancient monuments and stunning natural attractions, Latin America is home to a wide range of dazzling landscapes and some of the world's most captivating destinations.

Explore colonial towns with cobbled streets or bustling markets with colorful textiles and handicrafts. Hike under the misty canopy of primary cloud forests and bathe in the hot springs of an extinct volcano.

Dance the night away to Panamanian merengue, Argentine tango or Brazilian samba after a day soaking up the sun on palm-fringed beaches. Or travel to the end of the world to the windswept, rugged tip of the continent and take a catamaran tour through icy waters with views of snow-capped peaks and green valleys.

However you decide to adventure, keep in mind that some countries are far more welcoming to LGBT travelers than others.
Although less progressive states still have a ways to go in overcoming social stigmas and cultural norms, gay rights and freedoms have made great strides in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Mexico.