Why you should go to Rio de Janeiro !

No place else on earth combines so many marvelous qualities quite like Rio de Janeiro, an exciting city with friendly, fun-loving people and breathtaking surroundings.

From a pedestal atop the peak of the Corcovado Mountain, Christ the Redeemer overlooks the city, welcoming all with open arms to this chaotic and seductive destination. The Tijuca Forest, said to be the largest urban forest in the world, at his feet provides a stunning backdrop along Guanabara Bay, including monolithic granite and quartz mountains that rise up directly from the sea.

In addition to natural beauty, the city packs in theater, world-class shopping, 19th century architecture, modern skyscrapers, a ritzy lagoon neighborhood, football stadiums and soft white sand beaches, to name a few. Even the favelas (slums) in Rio have their charms and have become touristic attractions in their own right.

And no introduction to Rio is complete without mention of the infectious celebratory vibe that permeates a city that is home to the biggest party in the world. Carnival welcomes all revelers during this week-long festival, which includes a host of gay parties all over town. New Year's Eve is another big draw with an estimated two million people in Copacabana alone, also known for its Gay Pride celebration.

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