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Any Energy Left in that Body?

Recommended for : Party
Lapa and Santa Teresa are the beating heart of bohemian Rio, with an abundance of bars and nightclubs to choose from. Your base is the Caipihostel.
Start your evening with a free caipirinha from the lively bar before heading out to Lapa 40 Graus for an authentic carioca experience including samba floors and a more laid back lounge.
Five minutes away by foot is Buraco da Lacraia, a hot bar with incredibly buff waiters (dressed in bow ties and little else) and a meeting point for the crowd heading out to the docks area to The Week super club. Walking is not safe, especially since the club opens at midnight, so grab a cab for around U$10 or call an Uber.
The Week is the spin off from the world-famous Sao Paolo's sister club with top-quality house and electronic music, state of the art lighting systems, an extensive outside area complete with plunging pool and the hottest people in town.
Hop another cab back to the Caipihostel, unless you stay long enough to jump on a bus in the morning - the 222 route takes 15 minutes or the 20-minute walk is safer during the day.
To address that nasty hangover, pack your beach bag with aspirins and a fresh change of clothes for later and head to Ipanema's Posto 9. It is a fairly long bus ride, about 20 stops on the 382, but a long nap on the beach and plenty of fresh coconut water will work wonders on that headache.
Market Ipanema nearby is great for a light post-beach meal, complete with detox juices. Ten minutes walk from Market Ipanema and men may enjoy the Rio G Spa, frequented by a mix of locals and tourists and a refreshing pit stop before hitting the bars and clubs nearby.
So If there is some energy left in that body, freshen up and hit Farme de Amoedo's Tô Nem Aí bar, a classic place to mingle with the locals.
Another 10 minutes walk towards Copacabana on Raul Pompéia street, Le Boy is your next and hopefully last stop. An iconic Rio nightclub, Le Boy welcomes the whole LGBTQ community since having incorporated former Le Girls night club next door and adding expanded dance floors.
A 20-minute taxi ride will deliver you safely from Le Boy back to Caipihostel to your much needed bed.