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  • Summer

Built on land reclaimed from the sea, Parque do Flamengo is the busiest in Rio. It stretches from downtown to Botafogo across three different neighbourhoods: Glória, Catete and Flamengo. Designed by the famous Brazilian landscaper Burle Marx, this green band of land by the sea is where the locals come for a little fresh air and to catch up on their favorite sport activities. On Sundays, the avenues through the Park are closed to traffic.

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Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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0.4 km
Novo Mundo

Built in 1950, football (soccer) great Pele used to stay here when he had a game in Rio, and Ricky Martin has also been a known guest. Conveniently located at Flamengo Beach with a large park across the...
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  • LGBTQ-friendly
Mama Ruisa
1.5 km
Mama Ruisa

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1.6 km
The Maze Inn

Set on the hillside of the Tavares Bastos slum - albeit a safe one - The Maze Inn is made for those seeking a different perspective of the city. This favela experience comes with seven private ensuite...
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Café Secreto
1.3 km
Café Secreto
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Lapamaki Temakeria & Sushi Bar

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Adega do Pimenta

  • Theme
  • Other
Club 117
1 km
Club 117
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Rio Scenarium
1.9 km
Rio Scenarium
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1.2 km

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