Why you should go to Sao Paulo !

Cosmopolitan and diverse, Sao Paolo has the third largest metropolitan region in the world with around 20 million people. Although an enormous, chaotic city, there are some advantages including a diversity that is reflected in the vast LGBT community and more gay-friendly businesses than any other Brazilian city.

As Brazil's financial hub, Sao Paulo attracts people from all over the world. It is also a center for cultural events and the arts, with attractions abound, including world-class museums, restaurants and lively nightlife, which will deliver to even the most experienced gay traveller.

Unfortunately not all areas are as gay friendly as the Jardins or the Paulista districts. The closer to the city center and wealthier the area, the safer LGBT visitors will be. Some areas in the periphery are not safe for tourists at all and should be avoided, especially the famous favelas. The massive gap between rich and poor is clearly visible and creates a society in constant fear, which is equally reflected in the LGBT community outside the main districts.

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