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In the 1950s Acapulco set the standard for glitz in international beach resorts, the exclusive hideaway of movie stars and millionaires, and may have been where discos began. It was Mexico's premier beach resort where Elizabeth Taylor wed Mike Todd, JFK and Jackie honeymooned and Elvis filmed a beach movie. It has been the playground - often shamelessly hedonistic - for celebrities from Gary Cooper to Sinatra to Sting. But the Queen of Mexican beach resorts lost her some of her luster, overshadowed by Cancun and Puerto Vallarta and dealing with crime statistics. The oldest and largest of Mexican beach resort towns may be making a comeback, however, with a restoration push from a group of Mexican businessmen headed by billionaire Carlos Slim.

Even with the competition, Acapulco has remained a popular destination for Mexican and international tourists and gay travelers. Europeans favor it because it is has a little grit of reality. It has an informal and vibrant gay scene, but don't expect any big Pride parades or rainbow flags flying.

Although it does not have the LGBT-Q tourist infrastructure of Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, visitors can find several gay entertainment options and many gay-friendly nightclubs and bars along the strip known as the "Costera."

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