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Where Disco Was Born

Recommended for : Party
Tell your taxi driver to take you to the Copacabana Hotel in the middle of the hotel district along the bay. Staying there puts you right on the beach and within easy and safe walking distance to bars and clubs. 
The hotel has a swimming pool and private beach, but head over to the LGBTQ area of Condesa Beach where you can meet up with locals and other tourists.
Amuse yourself all day at the beach. You can choose from all kinds of water sports and bungee jumping or just sun, moving only to try another tropical drink from one of the beachside bars.
Take in the sunset - and kill time before the clubbing begins - on a bay cruise aboard a catamaran, which offers gossip about Acapulco's rich and famous, an open bar and three different kinds of live music.
Grab dinner in one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood or picking up an Al Pastor sandwich, the local version of shawarma, from shops that stay open late.
Dress up for a night out on the town, particularly if you want to get into the fancy spots. Gay nightlife is vibrant if somewhat limited in Acapulco, but much of it - like Demas Factory and Picante - is concentrated in your beach neighborhood. Many clubs are dark early in the week except during peak holiday periods.