House of Dolores Olmedo

House of Dolores Olmedo

Old Acapulco
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Deigo Rivera spent his last few years working on a 60-foot mosaic mural of tiles, seashells and stones on the side of the mansion of his patron and lover Dolores Olmedo, whose museum in Mexico City houses works by Rivera and Frieda Kahlo. It depicts Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec serpent deity. Rivera spent 18 months on a 60-foot mural of tiles, seashells, and stones, completing it in 1956, the year before he died. If you can find the house - it is on a cliff overlooking the El Mirador Hotel, you can see the mural for free, but the house itself is closed to the public at least for now. The property is said to have at least three more Rivera murals inside and includes the artist's last studio where he did a series of 25 paintings capturing the sunset over the bay.

Hotel Mirador Acapulco, Barrios Historicos, Acapulco, Mexico

Hotel Mirador Acapulco

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La Cabaña de Caleta on Caleta beach, one of the oldest beaches in Acapulco, is frequented by locals who appreciate the service, Mexican seafood dishes and affordable prices for food and drink. Its...
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Easy to find across from the Hotel Continental, Prince is a male-only bar with pop, house and techno for dancing. Known for hard partying, late hours and quick hookups.
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With dancing spilling over to the sands, Disco Beach attracts mostly a younger crowd (18-25) with a casual atmosphere, nightly specials and an inexpensive cover that includes an open bar of national brands.
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