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After arriving at their accommodation from the airport by taxi, shuttle, bus or car service, many tourists need go no farther than the hotel beach and tiki bar. But that's not because it's hard to get around Cancun or visit Yucatan attractions. The cheapest and most popular though not always the most comfortable option is the public bus on routes R1 and R2 connecting the Hotel Zone and downtown. Taxis and Uber are also available. Ferries are easy to hop to Isla de Mujeres. Tour companies explore Mayan sites.

Anyone over age 25 with a valid driver's license and a credit card can rent a car. All major international brands represented at Cancun International Airport, the second busiest in Mexico. All-inclusive resorts, including adult-only and other transportation options like scooters, buses and taxis may make a car rental unnecessary. Plus parking is limited in the hotel zone.

Bikes, mopeds and scooters can all be rented in Cancun, but riding in the congested traffic can be nerve-wracking if not hazardous. Cyclists, particularly during the mild winter months, can book tours around the Yucatan, visiting Mayan sites.

Buses run 24/7 in Cancun at about 10.5 pesos (under US$.60) a ride and are the preferred mode of transportation in the Hotel Zone where the routes along the lagoon (going south) and sea (going north) also connect to downtown. When boarding, tell the driver your destination so he can let you know when to get off or just ring the bell. Most drivers speak some English. Do pay in pesos. Air conditioning may be optional. Beware of pickpockets!

Taxis are unmetered but do have set rates by zone on paper. Establish what you will pay upfront. Expect to pay more in the hotel zone, one of the priciest in the country, and on airport runs than downtown. The safest place to grab a taxi is at a taxi stand rather than hailing on the street. Uber operates in Cancun.