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Up In The Air

Recommended for : Outdoor & Adventure Family

Begin your outdoor adventure by booking into Casa Cúpula, a LGBTQ resort nestled in the hills above town with the jungle just across the road.


Spend the morning soaring over jungle and river on a two-mile zip line at Los Veranos, Puerto Vallarta's first canopy tour. Transportation is provided to and from the center of the city. If it's a Monday, Wednesday or Friday and you prefer an all-gay tour, go on the zip line in the afternoon and parasail in the morning.


After the run, you can hang out by the river, explore a hiking trail, sample tequila, eat in a jungle restaurant, visit an animal sanctuary. Spend the rest of the afternoon there or move on to the next thrill.


Back into town in the afternoon to Los Muertos Beach for another kind of high - this one parasailing far above the bay, suspended under a rainbow-colored chute pulled by the speed boat below.. The beach also has adrenaline pumps like banana boats.


Join in Happy Hour at Blue Sunset Rooftop Bar atop Blue Chairs Resort and stick around for the sunset and go-go boys. If it's a Thursday, you can trade notes with folks just off Diana's Tours full-day cruise..


Back at the hotel, savor a relaxing, romantic evening as you dine poolside at Taste, which serves Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian dishes in a tropical setting. Try the house's signature cocktail - the "Cupulini" with chocolate and chipotle flavorings. Take it easy tomorrow by booking a four-handed massage in the spa.