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Why you should go to Panama City !

Panama City is new on the gay radar of happening cosmopolitan areas, and the urban offering includes plenty of activities from visiting colonial ruins to ritzy skyscraper malls. Once considered off the beaten path and known only for its canal, Panama City is a rapidly expanding tourism destination, accompanied by matching infrastructure and skyline growth. The city also offers easy access to exploring the rest of Panama's more natural attractions whether the broad beaches of the Pacific Riviera, palm-fringed Caribbean islands or misty volcano peaks.

The LGBT community is fairly accepted but continues to fight for wider institutional integration and the rights to marriage. Although there is no gay district, there are a handful of LGBT clubs, and discrimination is rarely an issue when out at night on the town.

Not yet famous on the international LGBT scene, Panama is riding the rainbow tide like most progressive countries in Latin America. It has shown itself to be widely accepting of sexual preference. There are only a handful of businesses catering to the LGBT crowd, however, Panama has long been a melting pot so people of all persuasions can be found out mingling at the city's hottest nightclubs and bars.

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General impression
Michael has been to and reviewed Panama City

Added 4 years ago

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It's a beautiful city and the people are very welcoming. There isn't a huge gay presence, though we met no resistance whatsoever while in the New City, Bocas del Toro, and also Casco Viejo.

Scottie has been to and rated Panama City

Added 4 years ago

Lisa DeSantiago has been to and reviewed Panama City

Added 4 years ago

Great City for Central America. Reminded of home in Chicago with its big city vibe

Jake has been to and reviewed Panama City

Added 4 years ago

I have actually lived down there for 7 years in my life and it is really pretty. The beach is beautiful at night.

Alejandra Giron M has been to and rated Panama City

Added 5 years ago

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