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North America still holds the lure of the New World, a vast wonderland of riches unknown to Europeans and Asians for centuries. The bulk of the territory belongs to its two largest nations - Canada and the United States - that share the longest land border in the world and the rugged Rocky Mountains stretching more than 3,000 miles. Unlike most of their neighbors on the continent and in the western hemisphere, their primary language is English although French is spoken extensively in Quebec and New Brunswick and Spanish spoken widely in the U.S.

For tourists today, the traditionally Anglo region of the world's third largest continent offers vibrant cities where rainbow flags fly, eye-popping natural attractions, remnants of indigenous cultures and landscapes as varied as the Arctic tundra and subtropical swamps. LGBTQ tourists can feel comfortable in most urban and resort areas and find particularly warm welcomes in great destinations like Palm Springs, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas and Washington, DC in the U.S. and Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.