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Vancouver is an extremely accessible city, meaning if you can't walk or bike to your destination, then it's only a train, bus or ferry ride away. The comprehensive transit system is a point of pride here, and most lines run with efficient frequency throughout the day and night. Check out the TransLink website for detailed maps and schedules.

All major rental car companies maintain offices in Vancouver, and it's generally an easy place to drive. A car should really not be necessary, though, as most places are more easily accessible by foot or public transportation. Rush hour traffic and parking can also be a hassle, so it's recommended you save rental cars for trips outside of the city.

Vancouver may be the ultimate cycling city, with over 180 miles (300 km) of dedicated bike lanes that see constant use by local commuters. Not only that, but cycling is a way of life here, so you'll be able to move your bike on and off of public transportation with ease and safety. The city has a bikeshare system called Mobi Bike that is as reliable as it is popular. Kiosks are dotted around key locations, so you'll never be far from a set of trusty wheels.

The urban train system in Vancouver is called the SkyTrain, and offers fast, reliable service around the major downtown areas and the suburbs. Trains depart every two to five minutes and are synced with the city's bus system to provide even more coverage. Ticket prices for adults range from $2.75 to $4.50 depending on how many zones you cross. Full day passes are also available for $9.50.

The bus system in Vancouver is extensive and well maintained, and buses run all day and night, though with much less frequency after 1 am. Adult ticket prices are $2.75 and allow transfers for up to 90 minutes.

Taxis are plentiful and safe in Vancouver. They may be either hailed on the street or summoned by phone. There are three major taxi companies in competition, so fares remain competitively low. Uber is not allowed to operate in the city at this time.