Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

South Side
  • Mostly hetero
  • Public beach
  • Little Infrastructure
  • Water fun

A historically noteworthy beach on Chicago's south side. Although called Rainbow beach, this beach is not LGBT-specific but welcomes all. Free wifi, concessions, and playground. Typically crowded and full of a diverse families BBQing in the park area and playing loud music. Perfect for extroverts and folks looking to get a more real experience of Chicago.

2873 E 75th St, South Side, Chicago, IL, United States

The Snail
3.3 km
The Snail

  • Casual
  • Thai
2.3 km
Jeffery Pub

A long time establishment in the South Shore neighborhood, Jeffery Pub caters to the south side gay community, providing hip-hop & r&b tunes to dance & mingle to. Ladies night on Fridays. A...
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