Round-Up Saloon

Round-Up Saloon

Nightclub in Oak Lawn
  • For Men
  • Nightclub

The Round-Up - " The Home of Good Times - Home of Good People" - opened in the summer of 1980 and has been a draw for good looking cowboys ever since. Music is all styles, speeds, and tastes to please a mixed crowd of line, shuffle, two-step, waltz dancers but generally starts old school and picks up the tempo as the night goes on. Cowboys can saddle up to no less than six bars including the Parlor Bar hosting special Screwdriver Saturdays and Bloody Mary Sundays, The Tool Shed Bar surrounded by antique hand tools, branding irons, chaps and tack, and The Tequila Shack with over 40 premium tequilas and long necks. It's also a very popular venue for charitable events, dance lessons and some great karaoke.

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Round-Up Saloon, Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX, United States

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