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Phoenix is a sprawling metropolis with a comprehensive transportation system, from light rail to bus, bike or taxi. For a trip to downtown from the Sky Harbor airport, Light Rail is the best way to go. For short trips across town, the bus system or DASH, is a good option. Confident cyclists will enjoy the flat terrain and convenient Grid Bike Share program, while longer trips across the city are best taken by Uber, Lyft or another taxi company. 

For the avid urban cyclist, hopping on a Grid Bike is a great way to go. Rates for the traveler range from $5/hour to $30/month for an hour each day and a $2 out of hub fee. Taking note from neighboring cities of Scottsdale, Tempe and Chandler, the city of Phoenix continues to pour more money into making the city safer and friendlier for cyclists. With almost 600 miles of on-street bike lanes, over a hundred miles of off street bicycling and pedestrian pathways, Phoenix received the Bronze rating from League of American Bicyclists in 2014. 

The Light Rail is a great way to get around the metro area with 20 miles of track leading from the airport to downtown and out to the neighboring city of Mesa. Fare is only $2USD per trip and $4 for a day pass if bought ahead of time (once on the train, rail passes cost $6). Fare is the same price on Phoenix buses. Tickets can also be purchased online. 

Valley Metro Bus system goes everywhere you need to be. Because Phoenix is so vast (60 miles by 40 miles), travel by city bus can be time consuming, taking up to an hour or more to get across town. For shorter trips the bus is a good option. Fare is $2USD per trip or $4 for a day pass purchased ahead of time (onboard price is $6). Fare price is the same for Light Rail and City Bus. For your shopping excursions, DASH is a free shuttle that circulates neighborhoods throughout the metro area and is a great option for quick trips. 

Easily accessible through the smartphone app, Uber and Lyft are popular options for getting around in Phoenix, especially after a night of rabble rousing, and they are often cheaper than other taxi services. Yellowcab is $2.75USD drop, $2.20 per mile rate or $36 an hour. Zipcar has a few locations in Phoenix but is more popular in neighboring Tempe and can be expensive.

If you have your own car, Phoenix city center provides over 25,000 parking spaces both free and metered and plenty of public parking garages, making it an easy option for drivers whether shopping or sightseeing. Metered parking spots are monitored everyday including weekends and holidays from 8am-10pm.