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A Day at the Museums


Drop your backpack at the Phoenix International Hostel and hop on the 7 bus to Cartel Coffee Lab for craft coffee and a superb breakfast.

Jump on the light rail going north for a short ride to Phoenix Art Museum.  For lunch, head to the nearby grocery store.

From Phoenix Art Museum, it's just a quick walk up to the Heard Museum for a wonderful and sensitive exploration of Native culture.

Head back to the hostel to freshen up, absorbing the many bits of information swirling in your head about the land and people you've just learned about.
From the Hostel it's just a short walk to Bliss/Rebar for new American plates and delicious craft cocktails.
Head back to the hostel and kick back with the other guests and check email in the lounge before hitting your bunk to prepare for the next day's desert hike.