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Business Beans

Recommended for : Business
After a productive flight and an orientation meeting with a client downtown, it's time to relax in your room and charge your gadgets at the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel
This is the night for an early happy hour because your presentation is ready, and it's time to make the most of a whirlwind trip to Phoenix - a great town for a company rental car because it sprawls, making walking distances a bit longer than a casual stroll.
With wheels though, your destination for dinner, Barrio Café, is a mere ten minutes away. A taste of Arizona wouldn't be complete without Mexican food and the guacamole here is off the charts. 
Cash Inn Country is Phoenix's best lesbian bar and it's another quick, 4 minutes in the rental car. Take in the totally unique ambiance (think lesbian line dancing) and a drink special after dinner.
It's nowhere near time to leave and the dance floor is full but you've got to check emails and get a good night's rest so it's back to your room. It's a warm desert night and though the rooftop pool at the Renaissance is on the smaller side, it is heated.
Consider walking down the block to Cartel Coffee in the morning for the best roasted beans in Phoenix.