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Mid-Century Modern

Recommended for : Local Flavor Culture
Check into the Clarendon Hotel and Spa and get settled. 
It's the weekend and you want brunch! Hop in a cab and get your brunch on at Ticoz Resto-Bar for a unique take on Latin cuisine.
Hit the Melrose Shopping District for all the hip vintage and antique stores before grabbing an authentic Mexican lunch at Barrio Café.
After lunch, you decide to check out the Mid Century Modern Tour you've heard raves about - a quick drive over to Scottsdale to explore the architecture and the other quaint Scottsdale offerings. 
For dinner in Scottsdale, head to Citizen Public House with its upscale take on new American cuisine in a great ambiance.
You wander through Old Town Scottsdale and stumble upon an art gallery with a band just starting their set. 
You look at your watch, surprised it's already midnight so you head back to the Clarendon to enjoy a nightcap on the Skydeck before retiring for the evening