Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Oregon Coast
  • Mostly hetero
  • Public beach
  • Full infrastructure
  • Various
  • Natural Attraction
  • Water fun
  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Road trip
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Park

This iconic travel destination is about a 90 minute drive from Portland, but worth the trip if you're able to wrangle a rented or borrowed car. Though the Oregon coast is often cloudy and windy, the beach is beautiful and the drive is filled with glorious views of the mountains and countryside. If you're lucky enough to arrive when the sun is out, it's an invigorating experience to wade into the freezing Pacific waters (being careful of strong currents). If it's cloudy you can always warm up with a hot chocolate in one of the many shops in small beachfront towns.

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Getting to the coast is a straight shot out highway 26 west from Portland. Rent or borrow a car (in a pinch, Portland has an active zipcar network) and hop on 26 from downtown. Follow signs for Ocean Beaches or Cannon Beach all the way there, and enjoy the many places to stop for snacks and views!

207 North Spruce Street, Cannon Beach, OR 97110, United States