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Provincetown is only about three miles wide, and parking is extremely scarce, so most visitors should plan to rely on walking or cycling as their main method of transportation. If you feel like a joy-ride, however, there's always a trusty pedicab nearby, which can be a fun way to get home from the bars at night. Luckily, despite its remote location, Provincetown is easily accessible by car, bus, ferry, and air. Just a two and a half hour drive from Boston and Boston's Logan Airport, there are also three fast-ferry trips a day from Boston Harbor to Provincetown's MacMillan Wharf. The trip takes about 90 minutes, and costs $79 round-trip; $49 one-way.

Because parking can be so difficult to find, it's recommended to leave rental cars for day trips. Everything is easily reachable on foot or bike, so if you need to have a car, keep it in the parking lot at your accommodations, and use it only for longer distance trips like beaches and state parks.

Bicycle rental is readily available in Provincetown and one of the nicest ways to get around downtown. Most bicycle rentals can be arranged on Commercial Street, but many of the local Bed & Breakfasts will offer them as well. There are also plenty of opportunities to take your bike off-road, including the seven-mile Province Lands Trail - one of the finest bike paths in New England with a stunning array of scenery.

The Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority maintains a Provincetown shuttle that stops at nine convenient stations around town from the airport to the North Truro Camping Grounds. Fare is $2 each way, and day passes can be purchased for $6. You will need exact fare when boarding.

Provincetown has several taxi services, and they're all fast, friendly, and reliable. The Mercedes Cab Company maintains a charming fleet of vintage cars, while Jody's Taxi charges only $8 from MacMillan Wharf to any destination in town. Another unique P-Town touch are the pedicabs, whose high-energy drivers will bike you around town for whatever fee you think the ride is worth. Cheaper than taxis and much more fun, you should be sure to take a pedicab at least once.