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Why you should go to Seattle !

Seattle regularly tops gay-friendly lists in the United States, and its LGBTQ community is the second largest in the country after San Francisco.

Not far from North America's finest temperate rainforest, the city is surrounded by a beautiful landscape of lakes, mountains, old growth forests and the islands of the Puget Sound. In town, explore the diverse neighborhoods, plant yourself at a sandy beach, or take a tour to soak in some of the small-but-mighty city's complex and controversial history.

Culture seekers will find a booming music scene, hundreds of art galleries and museums, historic performance spaces, a stirring visual arts community, a hard-to-define modern dance scene and seafood-obsessed northwest cuisine.

Capitol Hill, Seattle's LGBTQ neighborhood, has been the historical mecca for the artistic and gay community. Although the tech boom has brought a new brand of prosperity to the neighborhood that can resemble a drunken frat party on weekends, plenty of gay-friendly businesses and nightlife remain and LGBTQ folks still call the hill home. Just keep your eyes peeled for unsafe situations that have inevitably come with the culture clash of gentrification.

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I lived here my entire life and moved away recently. Generally speaking Seattle is progressive, embracing able to live out loud and be proud of who you are. Accepted. Homeless population has exploded which is an ugly mark upon a beautiful place.

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